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Interview of a Parent of a Child with a Visual Condition or an Eye Care Specialist

Participant Version

The purpose of this activity is to learn about a specific visual condition from a family or about visual conditions in general from an eye care specialist.


Select a family or eye care specialist to interview. If you do not have easy access to a family or eye care specialist, your instructor may provide a list of families and eye care specialists who have agreed to be interviewed. In some cases, participants may need to complete this project in pairs or in small groups.


  1. Call the family or eye care specialist to set up a convenient time and location for the interview.
  2. Bring a small tape recorder and note-taking material to the interview, being sure to ask permission to tape record the interview.
  3. Prepare a list of questions ahead of time. The instructor may want to approve the questions prior to the interview.
  4. If instructors choose to have parents sign a release of information, appropriate forms will be provided.
  5. Following the interview, write a two- to four-page paper highlighting the information you learned through the interview. Be aware of the need for confidentiality when interviewing parents and writing the paper.
  6. Send a thank-you letter to the person interviewed.

Possible questions for family members are listed below.

  • What is your child's visual condition?
  • At what age was the visual condition diagnosed?
  • How was your child diagnosed with this condition?
  • How did you feel when you learned of your child's diagnosis?
  • What is the prognosis for your child's vision?
  • How is your child's vision affected as a result of the condition?
  • Does your child wear prescription lenses (glasses or contacts)? If so, what is the current prescription?
  • When your child is wearing contacts or glasses, what changes in his or her functioning do you observe?
  • How do you explain your child's visual condition to others?
  • What resources have assisted you in learning more about your child's visual condition?

Possible questions for eye care specialists are listed below.

  • Please describe the training required for you to become an eye care specialist.
  • Please describe the types of children you see in your practice and the visual conditions they most often have.
  • What treatments do you typically prescribe for strabismus? For amblyopia? ¬†For cataracts?
  • When do you typically prescribe corrective lenses for young children with significant vision problems?
  • What strategies do you use when explaining a child's visual condition to the family?
  • What resources about specific visual conditions do you share with families?
Visual Conditions Module 06/04/04
S3 Activity D: Participant
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